Use of the best ingredients, decades of experience and tradition, time and commitment as the most important elements of our work.

We invest all of this every day in the preparation of what we believe to be the best “Bowl of Ramen”. Welcome to our world, welcome to the world of Ramen Jun.

Broth – the basis of all good taste

Intense, pure in aroma, perfectly balanced: We cook our broths with great care and attention to detail. No effort is too big for us and depending on the Ramen, the broths cook for different lengths and with different intensity. For the production of our particularly strong Tonkotsu broth for example, the pork meat and bones are cooked, stirred and crushed for two whole days over high heat. The pots, which are exposed to heavy loads, are especially made for us in our home region of Tsubame Sanjo in Japan..

Noodles – pure craftsmanship for the best Ramen noodle

Our noodles are homemade according to the traditional Japanese method. For optimal consistency and a perfect surface, we mix two different types of wheat flour during the preparation. In each of our Ramen we use an exact amount of the fresh noodles, cooked to the bite and with a velvety surface for perfect adhesion of the broth.

Tare – the secret of the perfect taste

When adding sauces and seasoning the broth, the so-called tare, each Ramen restaurant has its own little secrets. They are an integral part of Japanese Ramen culture and cuisine. Our tare contains the decades of experience and care of Master Jun, one of the most renowned Ramen masters in Japan.

Toppings – the indispensable fourth component

The fourth component of our ramen, the toppings, of course is equally important and prepared with great care and attention to detail. Only when all four components come together in a perfectly balanced way, the bowl of ramen can become an experience. Then the ramen makes our guests and us happy – then it is a bowl for the soul.